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Considering live entertainment, but wary of the price? For much less than the cost of a band, we can provide you with live entertainment and a DJ! Youíll hear selected songs performed live by one of our talented vocalist. In addition, your DJ will keep the music going non-stop by mixing your favorite dance songs as performed by the original artist. What better way to add a personal touch to your special day than with this ultimate crowd-pleasing package. Twilight can perform from cocktail hour to the last dance, and even at your ceremony. Ask for more details on this exciting, dynamic package. This package includes free dance-floor lighting. 

By our Vocalist, George Gibson

On average, I will perform one or two songs per ten-song set, which, when combined with great dance music, is a good mix that will really enhance your reception.

Some songs are better suited for dinner while others are great for fast or slow dances. I find that the best way to start the dancing is to invite all the couples on the dance floor, whereupon I open by singing a love song. Iíll pick it up by playing/singing some familiar oldies and dance songs so that all your guests can get involved, then I work from there, paying special attention to your song list and your guest requests.

My repertoire expands all the time too, mainly due to new requests. I probably left quite off a few songs from the list that I have performed before, so if there are any songs that you would like me to sing that you donít see on the list, just mention them, and I will let you know if can do them or not.

Iíll give you a general idea of some of the material I perform and when I perform it. I donít generally sing during cocktail hour since I am organizing things. During dinner, I sing a lot of the standards, songs by Frank Sinatra (Summer Wind, The Way You Look Tonight), Harry Connick Jr. (It Had To Be You), Nat King Cole (L-O-V-E), or Mack The Knife, etc. I'll mix in a slow one or two (Youíve Got a Friend, To Make You Feel My Love, Beautiful In My Eyes), gradually progressing to more slightly up-tempo songs such as Margaritaville, Canít Take My Eyes off of You which I mix in with original artists Ösome Motown and oldies, contemporary easy listening and of course your list.

Although I can sing a variety of styles, there are certain types of songs I donít generally sing, such as club dance songs and songs that are above my range. Looking over the list I have provided, you should get a pretty good idea of what types I do sing, but donít hesitate to inquire about any song you may want performed. I just may be able to do it.

I start the dancing off by inviting all the couples on to the dance floor, and I open by performing a slow song, which gets people on the floor, especially the guys. Early on, Iíll play and sing some familiar songs that everyone knows. I have found that starting off this way is not only considerate to your guests (whose ages will range greatly), but is also a great way to fill a dance floor, especially since people are a little reluctant to initially get out and dance to songs they donít know. As the evening wears on, I am able to mix in more contemporary songs by reading the crowd and seeing what works.

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