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John Momme

I broke into the DJ world in the Summer of 1991.  It was a very busy time for me.  My life was crazy that summer. I had just turned twenty three, and I loved every minute of it.  My energy level was sky rocketing. I needed to do more, so I joined the Jefferson Fire Co. There I met a lot of good friends, but the one that one that really got me into DJing was my old grade school buddy Mike Valyo (a.k.a. Dewey).

We were both volunteer fire fighters, but what I didn't know was Dewey had a little side job going on, which he started back in 1988. He called it Showtime DJ's.  It was him and Earl Benz (another grade school buddy of mine), who also ran with the fire house. Dewey and Earl played music for local fire house events in West Norriton Township (a little bit west of Norristown, PA).  Back then they played 45 records and cassette tapes. It was basically two friends getting together on the weekends and entertaining people. Very little money was made, but they did get good experience.  

One night Dewey approach me about helping them DJ.  I jumped at the opportunity and told him that I could assist on the next job, which was a 30th birthday party.  Dewey gave me the job of handling the requests.  The energy in room was unbelievable.  I knew right there and then, that this is what I wanted to do!   been working with Dewey for the past seventeen years. He has taken Showtime from a little weekend hobby gig, and built it into a business.

My favorite thing about DJing is making people happy. I've seen a lot of weddings, and Iove being part of making the Bride and Groom's day special.  My favorite music is the songs from the eighties era; Van Halen, Falco, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys and Bob Seger.  When I'm home I like listen to slow songs of the seventies; The Bee Gee's, Rod Stewart, Chicago and many more.  I also enjoy listening to U2, Lady Ga Ga, Greenday and anything that rocks.

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